‘StreetRun’ is a simple system to create a running group for neighbours, in a way that can be socially distanced, and fun & accessible for anyone from beginners to competitive runners.

The essence of Street Run is to for people to be active in a safe way with very little hassle. It is completely accessible for everyone, no matter what your level of fitness, your experience of running, or access to kit.

Here you’ll find:

  • How it works
  • How to set up your StreetRun
  • Positives (why do it this way)

How does it work?

You set up a StreetRun route, ideally around 400m. Each runner can run the number of laps they choose, and finish at the time they choose. Each person is in control of their own run – it is essentially a solo run, with others around & can be socially distanced.  Because it’s a set route, each person can see how they improve over time, or simply do it for fun.

How to set up your StreetRun group: 

Step 1:  Map out a 400m course on your street. (could be a different length, but 400m is great)

If you can get a circular route all the better if not going up and down your street is just as good, as long as people can maintain distance

Step 2: Pick a start point and set when to meet (day and time).

Step 3: Tell your neighbours

Spread the word via a street whatsapp group, facebook etc. Get one or two neighbours to join your first run and then watch it grow as others feel inspired to join in.

Step 4: Do your first Run

Meet at the start point and get running.

Positives: Why do it this way?

  • You are close to home – you don’t need to travel anywhere before or after as you’re running outside your door so you can fit it in around your schedule, your energy levels, adhoc things that crop up etc. No excuses.
  • No pressure to do a set distance or time – you set your own run. If you want to run, walk or run-walk that’s totally your call – you don’t have to follow a set group format, you work at your own pace.
  • You can run knowing other runners will be socially distancing so popular busy areas i.e. parks are less of an issue.
  • Get some support – it might be a solo run but running with other people is a good motivator and we can all benefit from the odd word of encouragement as you start another lap.
  • Connect with your neighbours – get to know other people living on your street. The benefits can be huge, you can develop a sense of belonging and community, you will find yourself waving and saying hi to people outside of the run. You are genereally more likely to look out for each other.
  • If you have family stuck at home you can engage them, they can wave you on with each lap. This is especially good if you have children, they can get involved waving you on, cheering for you and your fellow runners.
  • The more times you meet and run the more likely you will inspire your neighbours to join in, its surprising the power you have to help people to get active by them just watching you!

There are real benefits of doing the same set running course once or twice a week. Its a measured route where you can judge performance and progress. Its great to see improvements in your fitness, running speed and running endurance.

Further Info

The first StreetRun started with just one person. Neighbours seeing this wanted to join in, and it quickly built into a fun, regular run at 2 set times each week. If you have any questions on how you could set up, or you’ve set one up yourself, email [email protected]